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In Robert CAPA’s footsteps, 60 years after the Liberation of France
The Capa project began in 2003 when I researched archives of WW2 for a feature on the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of France.
What better way to commemorate D-day and the liberation of France than through the work of one of the world’s greatest war photographer.
After a loose selection of a hundred photographs from the Magnum archives I set out for the reperage in order to locate the places Capa went
to. This was the hardest part of the job, the captions being very vague, this involved traveling to normandy several times in autumn and winter,
as well as working with historians and local historical societies. I started photographing in March through to May, working with a large format view
camera in order to take advantage of the large groundglass to find the exact angle, often having to come back several times to the same location
so as to catch the right light of day, or some significant action which would make the modern photograph stand up side by side with Capa’s.

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