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From the time of the Industrial Revolution, we have been emitting enormous quantities of gas,
essentially the product of fossil fuels, thus introducing an anthropic aspect to the evolution of the global climate.
This project provides a contemporary photographic source on the state of french glaciers by rephotographing on the exact locations
where 19th century photographers worked; thereby offering a direct comparison between old and modern views.
This project is entirely self-financed and the yearly photographic campaign is dependent on the funds raised,
if you wish to contribute please feel free to donate
This feature is distributed by BIOS Photo photo agency.

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102_005_jfi451137_1863.jpg 104_005_jfi451135_1865.jpg 106_005_jfi451145_1862.jpg 108_005_jfi451143_1856.jpg 110_005_jfi451154_1867.jpg 112_005_jfi451152_1867.jpg 114_005_jfi451153_1910.jpg 116_005_jfi451150_1867.jpg 118_005_jfi451158_1923.jpg 120_005_jfi451139_1863.jpg 122_005_jfi451142_1863.jpg 124_005_jfi451147_1867.jpg 126_005_jfi451134_1865.jpg 202_006_jfi45800.jpg 204_006_jfi45800.jpg 206_006_jfi45800.jpg 208_006_jfi45800.jpg 210_006_jfi45800.jpg 212_006_jfi45800.jpg 214_006_jfi45800.jpg 216_006_jfi45800.jpg 218_006_jfi45800.jpg 220_006_jfi45800.jpg 222_006_jfi45800.jpg 225_006_jfi45819.jpg 227_006_jfi45818.jpg 230_006_jfi45800.jpg 231_006_jfi45849.jpg 233_006_jfi45899.jpg 234_006_jfi45816.jpg